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Dear Mr. Bush

As the markets slide, consumer confidence falls, recession's keep
coming and unemployment keeps rising, I would like to take this
opportunity to thank you, Mr. President for the fine job you've done
during the past 20 months since you were selected.

Thank you so much for having the Saudi Ambassador's wife as an
"honored" guest at your Texas Ranch. Thank you even more for not
holding her or the Saudi's accountable for their diplomats wife
providing the money for the terrorists' housing while they were in
American flight schools. After all, Mr. President, it was 3000
Americans that were killed by the young Saudi's that they helped to
learn to fly those planes.

Thank you for allowing your Vice President to be in contempt of court
for not turning over the Enron documents...

Thank you for dismantling the EPA. The millions the oil companies and
other energy companies paid you for campaign contributions really paid
off for them. Now the US Citizens get to have additional acid rain
falling into our cities, the food we eat on farms, into our waterways
and our yard...

Thank you for traveling around spending hundreds of millions of
dollars flying around three days a week for 15 months straight during
wartime campaigning for republican candidates in the mid term

Thank you for having Ashcroft's agencies GIVE CLASSIFIED information
to the 20th hijacker...

Thank you for making a spectacle with your arrests of CEO's, while
protecting your good friend and biggest political contributor, Kenny
Boy, who got away with more money than all of them...

Thank you for not providing the public, (those who you are supposed to
be serving), the SEC documents regarding your association with

Thank you for keeping a straight face while telling the world that the
Saudi's are allies of the United States. If the Saudi's were our
friend's, their society wouldn't be fostering hatred for us with it's

Thank you for completely bowing down to the "leaders of a nation"
where 15 out of the 19 September 11th hijackers are from. After all,
do you think that the US would be having members of Saddam's
government to his ranch if 15 out of the 19 hijackers were Iraqi

Thank you for REDUCING our nuclear arsenal to match Russia... While
you said that, "Putin is a man I can trust," it's not quite true.
Putin is now making "side" economic deals with Iraq, YOUR PERSONAL

Thank you for having enough common sense to know exactly who are
enemies are, and who are friends are.

Thank you for having your Vice President beating the war drums so the
US can sacrifice it's young men between 17 & 25, so your oil interests
can control Iraq's oil...

Thank you for the hypocrisy of having your vice president beating any
kind of war drums that will send our children to fight his battles,
since the vice president said during the presidential campaign of 2000
that he didn't serve in Vietnam because, "He had better things to do
at that time."...

Thank you for trashing an individual's character on NO EVIDENCE
because your attorney general can't seem to find the real anthrax
suspect. I only wish he's spend as much effort cases with REAL
EVIDENCE like Ken Lay's Enron connection to the White House, Harkin
Energy, Halliburton & Cheney.

Thank you for protecting your friend Ken Lay, and the $330 million he
got from Enron... The $2 million dollars he's donated to your
campaigns, the jumbo jet Enron provided to you for your presidential
campaign, and Enron paying your legal fees to stop the hand recount in
Florida that gave you the presidency was the best legal defense money
could buy...

Thank you for inviting the Saudi Ambassador to stay at your house as
an "honored guest," even though the Saudi's promote terror and the US
is now in a war on terror.

Thank you for ignoring the Saudi's responsibility for the September
11th attacks, after all, 15 out of the 19 hijackers were Saudi's, as
well as Osama. You bomb the hell out Afghanistan, yet have the Saudi
Royal family to your home in Texas, while their banks are laundering
the terrorist's money and making sure Al Qaeda's assets are safe...

Thank you for your "paybacks" on the campaign donations from the
logging industry. After all, you were correct in saying that, "if the
trees are removed from forests, it will cut down on forest fires"...
But remember Mr. Bush, if there are no trees, there won't be any
forests left.

Thank you for not publicly mentioning that the Saudi's are
politically, and financially supporting groups like Hamas and other
terror organizations. Although the Saudi's fund terror, you haven't
included them in your "list of terror" nations. You have also NOT
mentioned them in your "war on terror"...

Thank you for causing the families who are grieving the senseless loss
of their family members in the September 11th attacks to have to go
after the Saudi's WITHOUT any help from your administration. You would
think that the US would be first in line to go after the assets of a
country who supports terrorists during a "war on terror"...

Thank you for making Saddam your new bogeyman. It's finally gotten
through your thick heads that the constant fake terror warnings all
spring and summer to get the attention away from the damage you're
doing to the country was just making the public angry. Too bad your
daddy didn't finish the job in Iraq when there were over 500,000
American troops in the area 10 year ago.

So, Thanks for being as big a screw up as your daddy...

Thank you for using taxpayer money to travel around the country
fundraising for the republican party. The $110 million you've gotten
DURING WARTIME shows what your priorities are.

Thank you for using the White House as your own "fundraising hotel"
during wartime...

Thank you for being a hypocrite. After all, when you were running for
president, you whined and complained how the previous president did
the same thing. One difference though, WE WEREN'T AT WAR...

Thank you for telling the American public how the economy is so
strong, even though the Dow Jones Average has lost 20% of it's value
since you were crowned, that's you've managed to lose a good
percentage of the 22 million new jobs that were created after your
father's recession, and other economic indicators are saying that the
economy is stagnant and going nowhere.

Thanks for helping to destroy a strong economy between the election,
your selection and your inauguration day by down talking the strong
economy so you could get your huge tax cut passed as a pay back for
your wealthiest contributors.

Thanks for instructing your supporters to keep reminding the public
about the last president's sex life. It helps the perverts who fixated
on his sex life while he was in office to keep those images in their

After all, only a perverted individual would obsess about a private
relationship between TWO CONSENTING ADULTS....

One bad thing about it, it reminds the country that 18 short months
ago, the biggest news was who the president was having sex with,
rather than terror alerts, 3000 deaths, the stock market losing 1/5 of
it's value, people's retirements vanishing, escalating violence in the
middle east, and all the other daily disasters that have gripped the
country since your daddy's friends at the US Supreme Court gave you
your job...

In your first international incident, thank you for telling China that
the US would never apologize for the spy plane incident, then issue a
statement a few days later saying that the United States was very,
very, very sorry for allowing it's plane to be hit by China's pilot.

Thank you, Mr. Bush, for the growing unemployment rate. When you were
appointed, the country had just gone through a period when 22 million
jobs were created in 8 years, you've managed to lose a large
percentage of them in 18 short months.

Thank you for turning the longest and strongest period of economic
growth into the first recession since your daddy's recession.

Since you were handed your job, $17 trillion dollars of the nation's
worth of wealth has evaporated from the stock markets, America thanks
you for their lost savings and retirement funds?

Thank you so much for taking your month long Texas vacation last
summer (after only 6 months of work), and ignoring the terror warnings
that were coming in all summer. Little things like, young Arab men in
flight schools in Arizona who wanted to steer airplanes, but not fly
them, a young Arab man custody in Minnesota who wanted to fly an
airplane into the World Trade Center, and for ignoring reports that
Osama bin Laden wanted to hijack airplanes.

As long as we're thanking you for vacations, thanks for breaking a
record for the most vacation time during your first seven months of

Thank you Mr. President for hiding the fact that your administration
was warned about the terror attacks before September 11th for 8
months, so you could run around the country playing hero.

While the country was reeling from the attacks on September 11th,
thank you Mr. Bush for running and hiding like a little girl. It was
comforting for the nation to see Karen Hughes on TV on the afternoon
of September 11th telling the country that the president was safe.

Thank you for selling your September 11th photo's so the republican
party could profit from the deaths of 3000 innocent people...

Thank you for not even looking at the airport security and anti
terrorism measures that the Clinton administration had sent to the
house in 96, 97, 98, 99 and 2000.

Yes, Mr. Bush, the same airport security and anti terrorism measures
that the house republicans killed each and every one of those years
without even bringing them up for debate because they were too busy
looking into Mr. Clinton's bedroom window.

Thank you for at least implementing most of the measures that Clinton
had asked for AFTER SEPTEMBER 11th?

Thank you Mr. Bush for spending the first 234 days of your presidency
pushing your massive tax cut plan, and Ken Lay's Enron Energy policy
that would have saved that crooked company from bankruptcy.

Thank you for the tax cut that rewards middle income individuals with
around a $100 dollars a year, but rewards people in Dick Cheney's
income bracket over $125,000 dollars a year.

Thank you some more, for that tax cut that is using OUR social
security money to pay for you giving hundreds of thousands of dollars
a year to your biggest contributors.

Thank you, even more, for that tax cut for your wealthiest friends
that is now leading our country into deficit spending, guaranteeing
that our children and grandchildren's tax dollars will be spent on
paying off your debt and spending their tax money on interest on that

While our country is at war, thank you so very much Mr. President for
spending at least three days a week traveling around the country at
taxpayer expense fundraising and campaigning for republican

Thank you Mr. Bush for relaxing clean air standards leading to more
acid rain, and global warming.

Thank you for bowing down the mining industry by allowing more arsenic
in our drinking water.

Thank you Mr. Bush for rewarding the Taliban with $43 million dollars
in aid less than four months before September 11th.

Thank you for reversing Clinton's 1998 ban on all aid to the Taliban
for harboring bin Laden. We know that the Taliban wouldn't have used
any of that $43 million dollars to harm Americans, after all, we've
all know how much they love the US....

Thank you Mr. Bush for your father working for the Carlyle Group,
owned by Osama bin Laden's family, even after September 11th.

Thank you Mr. Bush, for the terror warnings that your administration
always puts out to deflect attention away from embarrassing news that
your administration is involved in.

Thank you Mr. Bush for letting Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar escape.

Thank you Mr. President for waffling on the stem cell issue, thus
delaying cures for horrible diseases like: diabetes, multiple
sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, etc., etc., for years and
years. May those diseases NOT strike your friends or family, because
your opinion on this issue will change on that very day?...

Thank you Mr. Bush for turning the optimism that this country had on
the start of the new millennium into fear, despair, and pessimism.